Palette Builder

24K crushed shades with names

Step 1: Select a modular palette. Choose between our Magnetude® Magnetic Clutch, our 3x3 Magnetude® Magnetic Palette, or our 2x2 Magnetude® Magnetic Palette. 

Step 2: Fill it up! Choose your favorite foundation, contour, blush, eye shadow, and accessories and build a makeup palette perfectly customized for you! 

What you get...

  • One Modular Palette (Magnetude® Magnetic Clutch*, 3x3 Magnetude® Magnetic Palette, or or 2x2 Magnetude® Magnetic Palette)
  • The makeup and accessories of your choice to fill out your palette.

*Every  Magnetude® Magnetic Clutch comes with a free Brushy Cleany Thingy!

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