Magnetude® Magnetic Lash Triple Play Kit

$99.00 $115.00
9 to 5 Lashes in box

Triple the glam with three sets of lashes! 

Build your ultimate lash kit with your choice of three of our best-selling Magnetude® Magnetic Lashes! 

What you get...

  • 3 pairs of your choice of Magnetude® Magnetic Lashes
  • Bonus Anchor Magnets (8 included with each set of Magnetude® Lashes and Classic Magnetude ® Lashes)
  • 1 Lash Applicator

*Magnetude® Illusion Magnetic Lashes do not include bonus anchors

How it works...

  1. Apply one coat of magnetic eyeliner.
  2. Allow to dry for two minutes.
  3. Apply a second coat.
  4. Allow eyeliner to dry completely.
  5. Starting from the inner corner of the eyelid, apply magnetic eyelashes.
  6. When happy with placement, lightly press lashes to set.
9 to 5 Lashes solo

Why we love this!

  • Gluten Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Nickel Free
  • Magnetic

How to apply

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