Kannaway KetoFUEL and BURN Pack

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The KetoFUEL and BURN Pack contains:

SKU Description QTY
BV050960 BURN 2.0 Capsules 60ct 1
BV050815 KetoFUEL Shake - Vanilla (15 servings pouch) 2


Enjoy the benefits of KetoFUEL and BURN together! 

Ketogenic diets obtain approximately 75% of calories are from fat, with another 20% from proteins and 5% from carbohydrates.  KetoFUEL™ helps maintain these high fat, medium protein and low carb ratios to support keeping the body in fat-burning ketosis. KetoFUEL has a creamy, indulgent taste that people love. 

The newly formulated Burn is designed to reach a broader group of customers. With even longer sustained feel-good energy- without the jitters or sensitivities. The effect is a gradual improvement of mood, sustained energy, and mental function without the spike and drops often complained about with competing products. 

A potent combination of herbs and extracts that help you manage appetite/cravings while providing sustained energy and heightened focus throughout your day. BulaFIT BURN™ is designed to help boost fat burning and provide a sense of wellbeing that reduces cravings for food and snacks.

When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, BURN capsules promote a sense of well being and energy that reduces cravings for food and snacks. BURN can also play an important role in increasing the results of ketosis and even avoiding the “keto flu” that some people may experience with other ketogenic programs.


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