Magnetude® Magnetic Lash Anchors + Applicator Bundle

Magnetude Magnetic Lash Anchor and Applicator Bundle

Hands off! Anchor application is easy with our lash applicator.

What you get...

  • One set (20 count) of Magnetude Magnetic Lash Anchors
  • One Lash Applicator

How it works...

After applying lashes, place the anchor under your natural lash and lash magnets. The anchor will snap into place. For extra hold, use two anchors, one for the inner and the outer corners of the lash band.

For use with Magnetude Magnetic Lash System.

  1. Use a fingernail to gently remove residual liner from lash anchor magnets after use.
  2. Do not apply makeup remover or alcohol directly to magnetic lashes or anchors.