Magnetude Magnetic Lashes

by Tori Belle Cosmetics

Our Core Line of 10 Magnet Lashes

Always Timeless, Always Beautiful, Always in Stock

The Original Core Line of 6 Magnet Lashes

The First, Original 6 Magnetic Liner and Lash System

Lightweight Natural Look Lashes

Feather Light Natural Look and Simply Glamorous

Limited Time Only Unique Lashes

Exclusive Premium Lashes with Limited Time Availability

Lightweight Adhesive Lashes and Liner Pens

Options are good! Adhesive Lashes and easy to apply felt tip glue pens

Colorful and Unique Lash Enhancing Add-Ons

Be yourself. Be unique. Be playful or be part of a team.

Everything you need to care for, apply and store your lashes

Magnetic Liner, Mascara & Adhesive Pens

The perfect solutions for all day wear with any lash style

Find Your Perfect Lash Quiz


Get the most out of your lashes and give them the best care

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