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As the original creator of the magnetic lash system, Tori Belle® stands above the competition! We have a rock-solid financial standing, first to market and innovative products, and rapidly growing international team. As a female led company, we want to empower everyone to find their path to success by allowing multi-channel distribution and providing a clear compensation plan with one of the highest payouts. We can't wait to welcome you into our family!

- xoxo Laura


  • Global cosmetics company founded by female CEO and Inventor, Laura Hunter.​
  • The original inventors of the patent pending Magnetic eyeliner.​
  • Carry only innovative and the highest quality products – cruelty free, vegan, paraben free, gluten free. ​


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  • Provide solutions with our business opportunity and cosmetics. ​
  • Provide leadership, influencer, and business education. ​
  • Provides flex channel marketing opportunities​
  • Traditional Boutiques and Salons​
    • Wholesale​
    • Vendor​
    • Ecommerce Marketplace (Amazon, eBay etc.)​
    • Social Media & Marketing​
    • And more!​


Giving Back

Tori Belle has Partnered with NOWSA to give back to our community​

  • National Breast Cancer Foundation Partner. We give back financially and provide cosmetics to those fighting breast cancer ​
  • Multiple, yearly interactive charitable events​


  • Paid up to 3x per month ​
  • 25-40% Commissions on every sale/purchase​
  • All commission paid on full retail value​
  • Affiliates can earn over $250,000 USD in personal Advancement Bonuses​
  • Affiliates can earn over $10,000 USD for Mentoring each affiliate ​
  • Level and Group Pay to compensate you for really helping mentor your entire team, no matter the level!


Frequently Asked


As an Affiliate, how do I get paid?

We pay all commissions via PayQuicker. When you qualify for any of those pay periods, you will be sent an email to set up your PayQuicker account. A PayQuicker email is sent only when commission is earned after we have submitted funds to your account. This will take place on either the 5th of the month or the 20th of the month.

How can I sell and promote my products?

Here are just a few ideas to get you started on your Tori Belle journey:


  • Log into your Backstage, also known as your Back Office.
  •> Username > Password
  • To guarantee that you are signing into your affiliate account, please input your affiliate ID number where it says "username" and then your password.
  • Get familiar with your Backstage/Back Office. Browse the site.
  • Upload your profile picture in your Back Office.
  • Update your About YOU information in your Back Office.
  • Set your alerts to reflect how you would like to be notified when you receive sales and when new affiliates join your team.

Tori Belle Training:

  • Backstage > Training: Tori Belle Affiliate Training, Tori Belle Compensation Plan
  • Backstage > Business > Documents & Media


  • Join Facebook Group
  • Share on Social Media – Go Live!!
  • Stay connected to your upline
  • Watch the Tori Belle Lives

Do you accept Affiliates from other countries?

We are currently enrolling affiliates in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. We are looking to expand into more countries in the near future. Check back for updates and follow us on Facebook.

How do I sell Tori Belle Cosmetics?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Tori Belle Affiliate! We are excited to have you join the Tori Belle Family!

As an Affiliate, you receive a 25% to 40% commission on anything you sell, plus bonuses and more! Our company is growing at an amazing rate because we offer ground breaking products. In addition to Magnetude—the original and world's first magnetic eyeliner, from the makers of LashLiner—we have many other fun and innovative products and will be adding more regularly!

We make it easy for you by providing all of the supplemental information you need, extensive training, free shipping and no requirement to buy stock!

Plus, we pay some of the highest commissions in the business. You are paid bi-monthly, can earn monthly bonus and receive all the resources you need to be successful.

How do I find an affiliate in my area?

If you want to join Tori Belle as an Affiliate, and are looking for someone to sign up under, we will help you make that connection! When you join as an Affiliate, we will pair you with a mentor and team that will help you succeed.

If you are looking to purchase products but you do not know an Affiliate, then you can purchase directly from the Tori Belle website.

If you don't know an affiliate, then maybe your local affiliate could be you!

What is Magnetic Eyeliner?

The Magnetude patent-pending magnetic eyeliner and false eyelash system lets you have beautiful eyelashes quickly, easily and painlessly.

Our secret is the patent-pending cosmetic-grade magnetic eyeliner paired with high quality lashes embedded with incredibly strong yet tiny magnets. No glue! No sticky tape adhesive! Just beautiful eyeliner and beautiful lashes.

Magnetude Eyeliner and Lashes couldn't be easier to use. The eyeliner is applied the same as any eyeliner. Just apply the liner, let dry, and the lashes softly 'click' onto the magnetic eyeliner. That's it!

I've heard of magnetic lashes before. How is Magnetude™ different?

Other magnetic lashes on the market consist of two magnetic lashes which clamp together over your natural lashes. That's 3 rows of lashes for each eye! With Magnetude™, the eyeliner and mascara themselves are magnetic, and a single upper lash attaches to the liner magnetically, then sets quickly to keep them on all day! Unlike other lashes on the market, Magnetude™ is quick, easy and comfortable.

How do I remove my Magnetic Eyeliner?

We make a remover called Shake It Off that's formulated to remove Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner but you can also use any 2-phase makeup remover (shake up type).

It's best to wash your face first then use a cotton pad with your remover on it. If you have difficulty removing the liner hold the pad over the liner for a few seconds to soften it.

It's important that you do not clean the lashes or magnets with liquids. This will damage the lashes.





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  • Limited time only! Join as an affiliate and get everything you need to start your business! 1 year of membership ($9 a month after your first 12 months) and over $550 in Tori Belle Products!

What you get...


  • Classic 9 to 5 Magnetude® Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Classic Ladies Night Magnetude® Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Classic Selfie Magnetude® Magnetic Eyelashes
  • Classic Magnetude® Magnetic Eyeliner in Black
  • Magnetude ® Gold Magnetic Eyeliner in Black
  • XOXO Tori Belle® False Eyelashes (2 pairs)
  • Clear Lash Adhesive Eyeliner
  • Ignite Plumping Lip Gloss in Blush
  • Stark Naked Eyeshadow Palette
  • Ascend Cleansing Gel Sachets (5 pack) with Day Eraser
  • Shake it Off Makeup Remover
  • TB Lash Applicator
  • Lash Scissors
  • TB Kiss Cut Sticker
  • Portable Selfie Ring Light
  • TB Phone Stand
  • Tori Belle® Business Box (included items below)
    • 5" TB Branded Ring Light
    • Photo Backdrop (white with the TB logo design in gray, 69 in. tall x 96 in. wide)
    • 4 x Two-Sided Backdrop Boards
    • Lash Tester Sticks + Display
    • TB Tote Bag
    • Gold TB Lapel Pin (with rhinestones)
    • Light Box

$9 per month Affiliate web fee

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What you get...

  • Personalized Web URL and shopping site
  • Online Free Drop Shipping
  • E-Bay, Boutique, and all sales channels
  • Vendor Event Sales
  • Virtual Try-on
  • Health Insurance programs
  • Free Training and Leadership Groups
  • Weekly lives & Zooms
  • Video and Image content
  • Reports to manage your business
  • Buddy AI app to help manage your business