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Best Magnetic Lashes in the World!

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What is the Tori Belle Difference?

You're probably thinking, "I've seen magnetic eyelashes already." We can assure you that this is not the same thing! The Tori Belle System is not a pair of magnetic lashes hanging from your natural lashes. The Tori Belle System is a magnetic EYELINER and lash combination that is super easy to apply, gives the lashes support, and keeps them in place all day and night long.

Easy. Fast. Reliable.

The most frustrating and time-consuming part of putting on makeup, by far, is applying false eyelashes. Traditional false eyelashes are applied with glue.
The Tori Belle System however, couldn't be easier to use. The eyeliner is applied the same as any eyeliner. After applying the eyeliner, you simply hold the lashes up to the eyeliner and they smoothly "click" into place. That's it!

Out-Lash the Competition

The secret to the Tori Belle System is the patent-pending cosmetic-grade magnetic eyeliner paired with high quality lashes embedded with incredibly strong yet tiny magnets. No glue! No sticky tape adhesive! Just beautiful eyeliner and beautiful lashes.

Why choose us?

Our products are:
- SAFE - We use FDA approved ingredients and it's latex free, gluten free, cruelty free, and vegan
- EASY - It can be put on with one hand - No special skills or makeup artist needed
- FAST - No more frustration and no more gluing your eyes shut!
- STRONG - It holds but is easily repositionable
- COMFORTABLE - No more seeing magnets or having sagging lashes
- Most importantly, Tori Belle Magnetude Magnetic Eyelashes makes your eyes look BEAUTIFUL!

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