Tori Belle Cosmetics Moving Production of Magnetic Eyeliner to the United States

WOODINVILLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2020 / -- After three years of producing its one-of-a-kind magnetic eyeliner and mascara overseas, Tori Belle Cosmetics is bringing production of its signature product home to the United States.

“Most businesses move their production to China because they want to take advantage of cheap labor costs, but that was absolutely never my intention,” said Tori Belle Cosmetics Co-Founder and CEO Laura Hunter. “After I invented magnetic eyeliner and mascara, I sought out American labs to produce my product, but no one would work with me because I wasn’t in the industry. “I was told that I was ‘just a soccer mom who invented things in my kitchen and didn’t understand how things worked’ by the only US lab that would talk to me”. That all changed when Hunter found a Chinese lab willing to work directly with her and use her formula, methods, and ingredients to create an innovative line of magnetic mascara, eyeliner, and lashes.

Today, Tori Belle Cosmetics is a successful cosmetic company with revenue in excess of $40 million in its first year of business. Tori Belle features a full line of quality makeup products, where each product is either best in the world, or first in the world. All Tori Belle products are designed to be easy to apply, long-lasting, and versatile. All are carefully crafted with high quality, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic ingredients that are sustainable and luxurious. Its signature product, magnetic eyeliner, took off in 2018 after a popular social media influencer Tati Westbrook purchased Laura’s invention, featured it on her YouTube channel, and gave it rave reviews.

Tori Belle Cosmetics are featured, shared, and demonstrated by 32,000 independent contractors, called affiliates, who operate their businesses selling products from Tori Belle Cosmetics. These independent affiliates are provided training on how to expand their sales using social media and internet marketing techniques within a supportive culture.

Now an established cosmetics company with proven products, Tori Belle was able to secure an American manufacturer to make their products. That wasn’t the case when Hunter first got started and was rejected by several U.S. labs who wouldn’t take a chance on her and her emerging business. "We are excited to bring our flagship product home!" Said Hunter. The company has been experiencing explosive growth in the past few years. With moving into larger headquarters and expanding the product line, it just made sense to move production facilities as well, said Hunter. “At Tori Belle, our aim is to support the American economy and help our independent affiliates achieve their goals,” she said.

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