Game Day Makeup 2021

With the Summer Olympics in full force and football season just around the corner, knowing how to keep your sporty makeup look on point is critical. Here are our Game Day must-haves to make sure you look and feel fabulous for your next game day outing.

Rock Color on Your Lashes

Nothing says fandom like wearing your favorite team’s colors. Turn heads and bring rival envy by wearing Magnetude® Spirit Stacker magnetic, colored lashes. Available in five colors (red, blue, purple, gold, and silver), Spirit Stackers will compliment your casual or upscale event look. For extra va-voom, pair Spirit Stackers on top of your favorite magnetic eyelashes for a super eye-catching look.


Add a Touch of Sparkle

Incorporate some dazzle with colored, magnetic-backed rhinestones, Magnetude® Spirit Bling. Spirit Bling comes in ten shades (red, orange, yellow, green, royal blue, navy blue, purple, silver, gold, and crystal). Outdo the competition and add bling to your colored Spirit Stacker to match your team colors. Spirit Bling easily attaches using our Magnetic Liner.



Keep your Skin Looking Fresh



Gearing up for a tailgate party and game day? Make sure you are protecting your best asset, your skin! We recommend picking a full coverage, mineral based, matte-foundation like Element Liquid Foundation . Don’t forget to moisturize first, apply your favorite SPF, then apply foundation for a fresh, sunburn free look that will last through the after party!



Lips that Will Last

Don’t let masks, sweat, or drinks get in the way your gorgeous game day look. Always make sure to use a long lasting, no smudge lip. Velvet Kisses® long lasting liquid lip (available in 9-flattering shades) is matte and highly pigmented to give you the winning touch you’ve been looking for.


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