CEO and President of Tori Belle Cosmetics Stun Crowd with Surprise Wedding at Their Annual Conference

ORLANDO, FL, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 / -- A crowd of over 1,000 Tori Belle Affiliates and guests came together to celebrate the first annual Tori Belle Cosmetics Conference, with the theme “It’s Showtime.” As safety was imperative, Tori Belle Cosmetics was elated to offer a hybrid event with both an in-person and a virtual option for those Affiliates who were unable to attend in person. The two-day conference gave Affiliates a chance to celebrate the company and learn some amazing new tools for their businesses.

When the Affiliates of Tori Belle Cosmetics signed up to attend the yearly conference they had no idea that they would also be attending the wedding of CEO, Laura Hunter and President, Bob Kitzberger. Just before the lunch break on the first day of the conference, a slide announced that the audience was invited to the wedding of their company CEO and President.

“We all cheered and were so excited to be invited to the wedding but no one thought it was about to happen. We just thought we were invited to a wedding on a later date,” said one attendee. “Once the wedding party started onto the stage and Bob walked out we realized what was really happening. The screams were deafening.”

Co-founders Hunter and Kitzberger are beloved among their Affiliates for treating all of their employees and Affiliates as part of their family and creating an unusually strong and positive culture in their company. Many attendees commented that sharing their wedding with them let them know that they were truly like a family.

The wedding was followed by a glamorous Red Carpet event where attendees entered on the red carpet with photographers and backdrops for a celebrity experience. Following their entrance, they were able to watch the newly married couple’s first dance to ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ by Elvis Presley. Laura Hunter wore a stunning custom Grecian gown with Tori Belle logos embroidered on the waistline. Attendees also took part in the ‘Selfie Experience’ which included 20 unique, custom-designed backdrops for Affiliates to take selfies and videos to build their influence and their brand.

The conference featured many motivating and influential segments from numerous speakers, including:
• Laura Hunter, CEO, and Co-Founder
• Ray Higdon, Sales Coach
• Joe Tafoya, NFL player, and Motivational Speaker
• Bob Kitzberger, President and Co-founder
• Josh Weathers, Singer, Song Writer, and Tori Belle Affiliate
• Matt Cooley, COO

Break-out sessions were held throughout the conference which included training from some of Tori Belle’s corporate employees and Affiliates. Some of the topics were sales tools, marketing techniques, and product training.

About Tori Belle® Cosmetics, LLC
Tori Belle Cosmetics, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of magnetic eyeliner innovator LashLiner, Inc., named after Founder and CEO Laura Hunter’s two daughters, Victoria, and Isabelle. Since launching in June 2019, the retail brand, which sells the Magnetude(™) line of magnetic mascara, magnetic eyeliner, magnetic lashes, and other cosmetics, has grown exponentially, paying out more than $40 million in commissions to 50,000+ affiliates. Tori Belle breaks down barriers to success for affiliates, including not requiring them to carry stock or ship product; via invaluable training, leveraging the power of social media, and more.

An entrepreneur at heart, Laura ensured that the company’s retail strategy leverages the cost of traditional retail distribution in order to pay affiliates and influencers, providing them with an industry-leading commission structure and the ability to successfully grow their businesses. Tori Belle’s Magnetude(™) line is available via independent affiliates at

About LashLiner, Inc.
LashLiner, Inc. was founded in March 2018 by beauty industry veteran Laura Hunter to launch her flagship product invention. The patent-pending LashLiner System is the world’s first magnetic eyeliner and false eyelash system, offering quick, easy, and painless application of beautiful false eyelashes that simply click and magnetize into place. The company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Tori Belle Cosmetics is a retail brand that sells the Magnetude(™) line of magnetic mascara, magnetic eyeliner, magnetic lashes, and other cosmetics via independent affiliates. The LashLiner System is available at Tori Belle’s Magnetude(™) line is available via independent affiliates at

Monica Crosby
Tori Belle Cosmetics

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