What is Soft Girl Aesthetic?

Instagram has fostered the growth of many different categories of style. “Baddies” typically wear their hair in high, tight ponytails, they choose tight clothing, and they prefer smokey eyes and intense eyeliner. “Beachy girls” appreciate simple jewelry, loose curls, and a good pair of daisy dukes. "Soft girls" can be recognized by their lightly shimmery eyeshadow and soft pinks that whisper youth!

We love the soft girl look, and it seems that you guys do too! Here are some of our favorite looks that we have created, and our awesome Tori Belle family has created! 

Soft Girl 1

First, we have a post by @corinna.andersonn, a gorgeous makeup enthusiast who completely nailed the soft girl look. Soft girl looks are all about subtle touches with pretty colors. A nude lip like bare paired with Stark Naked’s Blush eyeshadow makes her look young, awake, and ready for the day.

Soft Girl 2

Next up is @lemiecraft, who tagged us in her Instagram post!  Her eyebrows are filled in a soft brown softly and naturally framing her eyes. And those eyelashes are to die for. She has absolutely won at the soft girl game, and she’s letting us know!

Soft Girl 3

For our third look, we have a look from @jaimescott_becomingbeauties! This is our perfect example of a soft girl look combined with our lashes. Check out her gorgeous contour! Many people may think that contouring does work with the natural soft girl look, but with enough blending, you can do them both! 

Add a little edge or go, true soft girl, recreating any of the looks featured in this blog is easy as long as you stick to subtlety, youthful pinks,  a little bit of sparkle (rose gold of all that glitters would be fire!), add some lovely lashes, and you’re good to go!

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