Time to Shine 2022 - Conference Recap

Time to Shine 2022
The highly anticipated "Time to Shine!' Conference took place in beautiful Las Vegas this weekend.

Wednesday, April 20th

Wednesday was the glorious first day of conference, and it kicked off with our Leadership Breakfast and training for top ranking affiliates.
Next up, was EXPO TIME! Selfie stations, Tori Belle Swag shop, and mystery bags galore! It was incredible to see so many affiliates mingling together after such a long time apart, and of course it was incredible for the staff to see all of you!
Selfie Time!
Tons of new swag items were featured, such as the shiny rhinestone water bottle, joggers, hats, and even men's items!
The first day came to a close at the TB Directors Dinner where once again our top affiliates came together for an amazing time!
Dinner Selfie
Thursday, April 21st

Thursday was the first day of on-stage announcements, Q&As with staff and affiliates, and exciting product reveals!
Stage from Afar
It was also a blast to see some of our TB's Got Talent winners take their skills to stage, including Josh Holland and his impressive DJ set!
Product Announcement

Laura and the team announced a brand new item on stage that will be joining the Tori Belle family of products in the very near future... "HOLD UP" SETTING SPRAY!

This setting spray was specially formulated to keep your makeup on all day long! Whether you have happy tears or are taking a dip in the pool, our waterproofing formula clings tight to hold makeup in place for a "just done" look wherever you go.

Stay tuned for news on when "Hold Up" Setting Spray will be available online!
Hold Up
Makeup Fix Update

In addition to the setting spray, we also revealed the brand-new Makeup fix experience! Jumping TB butterflies and more fix options are just the tip of the iceberg for the future of our most popular subscription box!
Makeup Fix Update
More Expo fun happened after the show, with even more selfies being taken, teams meeting up, and fun being had!
Expo Selfie
The party was just getting started, as later that night, the Tori Belle Red Carpet Gala lit up the Westgate Resort and Casino ballroom! Affiliates and staff alike dressed up in their stunning dresses and suits, dancing the night away in style.
Red Carpet Group Photo
Product Announcement

Those in attendance at the event were in for a surprise as Laura, Jaclyn, and our Senior Product Development Associate Zoey announced a brand new, and completely exclusive invention... The Tori Belle ELIXR!

Now you can have a great night and a good morning! This cocktail mix is specially formulated to contain ingredients such as DHM that are known to protect your liver and prevent the harsh after-effects of a night of drinking. Just mix with sparkling or still water and your alcohol of choice to have a delicious cocktail without the guilt!

Stay tuned for news on when "Elixr" will be available online!
Friday, April 22nd

Friday was the final day of conference, but that didn't stop it from packing a huge punch! Even more affiliates took to the stage to tell their stories, we got an inside look at how Tori Belle is helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and of course... the Recognition and Awards Ceremony!
Recognition and Awards Ceremony
Tori Belle was awarded the Circle of Excellence award by the National Breast Cancer Foundation for donating over $5,000,000 worth of products to those diagnosed with breast cancer. Tori Belle is also the first company in the NBCF's history to receive this award!

We were also proud to announce that the next Tori Belle Party in Pink to raise money for the NBCF will be taking place on October 6th, 2022, so mark your calendars!
From top leaders, diamond earners, and those just starting with Tori Belle, everyone got a chance to be recognized for their amazing service to TB. It cannot be stated enough how important each and every one of you is, and that we couldn't do any of this without you!
Leader Group Photo
As the award ceremony came to a close and an eruption of glittering confetti rained onto the stage, affiliates poured into the expo area to say one last goodbye before heading home.
Dinner Selfie

Whether you were attending in person, virtually at home, or experiencing it through this blog, we hope you enjoyed and we hope we can see you all again next year at:

            TORI BELLE CONFERENCE 2023! 

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