Take a Shot - Playbill 7.23.22

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                                                                                                    Gabrielle Metott                                                                                 


Gabrielle Metott grew up in Titusville, Florida across the river from the Kennedy Space Center where it was normal to see a rocket launch into space. Yet her dream was to launch out of her small hometown, live large and see the world!

In pursuit of her dream, she graduated from nursing school and married the love of her life, Matt, a handsome naval pilot instructor. Thanks to military transfers and frequent road trips with her husband her dream of travel and adventure became a reality. Realizing direct sales offered steady employment regardless of location and feeling exhausted from being an intensive care unit nurse, Tori Belle was a perfect fit.

Gabrielle became an affiliate one hour after seeing her first lash video and for the past two years she has focused 100% on her Tori Belle business. Serendipitously, during the 2022 Time To Shine! Convention in Los Vegas she happened by an infusion center, which offered rehydration and vitamin boosting injections, and realized this would be a wonderful stress and hospital free nursing job. She is excited to have this new platform to help people, show off her lashes, build her business, and meet people post- COVID quarantine.

Knowing we are all in this together gives her a strong foundation from which to build her future success. Gabrielle shares her philosophy, “Giving up is not an option, so when life gets hard it’s time to get a shot of whatever you need and go for it!”

Written by Cathie Allen, TB Director of Personal Development                                                                                                                                                                            

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