Makeup IS Self Care

COVID-19 has changed the way we live our lives. We are now working from home, social distancing, and not seeing many people from day to day. This means that some of our everyday routines have been disrupted. 

Self Care

One of those disrupted routines may be your getting-ready system. Many people are finding that there is much less motivation to put themselves together by putting on makeup or wearing a nice outfit. Instead of going to the office, you may be heading to the couch with your laptop. Dates and hangouts are all Zoom calls or Google Hangouts. Putting on makeup can seem like a waste of time. 

Getting ready in the morning or and putting on makeup is still beneficial to your social-distanced life! The key is to re-examine the motivation behind it, getting yourself done up. Some assume that the only reason to put on makeup is to look better for the people around you. Makeup is viewed as a chore. For these people, social distancing may bring a welcome break from these routines, and we celebrate that! 

However, feeling confident in knowing that others perceive you as put together is only the beginning of the power of getting ready. When you get ready for the day, it is like you are donning your cape and the rest of the superhero get up. It is a uniform that reminds you and others that you are powerful, thoughtful and detail oriented.

Self Care 2 

Like the clean sleeves of a professional chef, you demonstrate your pristine and careful approach to your life. It doesn’t hurt that you are ready for that unannounced video call to come in and can confidently smile and answer with no apologizing or hiding. Getting ready gives you that confidence.  

Putting yourself together is self-care. Note: this applies to those who are giving their skin or hair a break. When you put the time into braiding your - detoxing and no-poo training – locks, washing your face, brush your eyebrows out, and apply a serum; you are loving on you. And you need it when you are putting your all into your remote job, your kids, or just trying to stay sane locked in your house.

In summary, you deserve to look and feel good for yourself. If you love makeup, if it makes you feel better, more motivated, and ready for the day, put it on for yourself. Put it on to feel like a normal human again. Put it on for that meeting or hangout. It doesn’t matter that no one is around to appreciate it because you appreciate it! Whether that’s a whole face of on-point professional makeup or a dab of lip gloss and mascara, do what you need to do to get through all those Zoom calls and work-from-home days. You are worth it.

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