Gusto and Grit - Playbill 6.4.22

                                  Playbill 6.4.22          

Tiesa Ortez-Burrell                                                                                                                                                                             

Influencer, Tiesa Ortez-Burrell’s laughter fills a room! Beaming about how amazing Tori Belle products make her feel and how proud she is of her TB team her excitement lights her up and leads the way!

She describes herself by saying, “I’m a little crazy, have lot of fun and am never afraid to be me!” Tiesa brings her whole heart to the many roles in her life, including working five jobs!

Whether at her 25-year career supporting a busy law firm, freelancing as a makeup artist, rocking the newlywed life or the improv stage, 26 years sporting her DIY floral bikini as the infamous Beer Tub Girl at Daytona Beach, or setting her Tori Belle business goals on fire… she does it with gusto and grit.

Tiesa knew she had struck gold when her first reel putting on TB magnetic liner and lashes in her towel created so much excitement! Highlights of her Tori Belle journey include the leader retreat in Atlanta and the recent Time to Shine! Convention in Las Vegas. Thanks to all she learned at the Leader Retreat it took her less than a month to promote from Micro-Influencer to Influencer! On the horizon are the Nashville Retreat and Punta Cana to keep her motivation strong!

One of Tiesa’s mantras is “Wake up and make *#it happen today!” This reminds her to find the best in everything, no matter what she is dealing with, and most of all be her own #1 cheerleader. Taking her own advice, she recently gave herself permission to take a month's sabbatical from her law firm office job. She reflects on the importance of doing what gives you strength. Everybody is going through something, and everyone has strengths to help them through the rough patches. Tiesa’s overriding message is, “Don’t doubt yourself! Go for the gold no matter what because you are a rock star!”


 Written by Cathie Allen, TB Director of Personal Development                                                                                                                                                                            

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