Getting Nude for Spring

Nude Spring

Spring 2020 is upon us and so are the beauty trends of the new season! One of the looks that we are loving for spring 2020 is the nude eye look paired with a gorgeous subtle lip color. When most people think of nude makeup looks, they picture a very gentle hand with hardly any noticeable changes. While this is a popular and beautiful look, nude colors can be just as dramatic as any other color! With the proper application, a nude smoky eye can be earthy, sultry, and incredibly captivating. Here are a couple of ways that we love to see nude smoky eyes done and some tips on how you can perfect your own nude smoky eye for this season!

Nude Spring 2

The first principle to remember when trying out a nude smoky eye for spring is to remember that we aren’t in fall or winter. Browns are typically associated with colder months due to the darker tones. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be used for the warmer, more lively months as well, though! The trick is to keep things bright and airy while utilizing the deep tones of the nudes, like the ones found in our Tori Belle Cosmetic's Stark Naked palette.

One way to do this is to make sure that you are hitting every highlight. The brow bone, the inner corner, and the cheekbones are all crucial highlights that you don’t want to skip. Using whatever light shade of eyeshadow you have available, follow the curve of the bottom of your eyebrow. Using a shimmery shade or even a cheekbone highlighter, dab a few times on the inner corners of your eyes to make sure it’s very pigmented there. Use a fan brush to give a light dewy look to your cheekbones.

Another way to keep things bright is to choose a lighter lip color! Pinks are a great choice as almost any shade of the color conveys a happy, joyful mood. Use a lip plumper first and then the gloss or lipstick of your choice.

Spring Nude 3

You can’t go wrong with a nude eye look. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, a nude smoky eye will make you look like you’ve had your makeup done by a professional. No matter the eye color, the browns and the added details like your eyeliner and lashes will make your eyes pop. We hope you love these videos, and we hope that you’ll utilize the nude smoky eye this season and many seasons to come!

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