Happy By Design - Playbill 7.2.22

                                  Playbill 7.2.22

                                                                                                    Jamie Black                                                                                 

Jamie Black is happy by design. She lives in beautiful Redmond, Oregon surrounded by her everything, three dogs (including a new puppy), three cats, four teenage children, and her husband, Ben.

Jamie is blessed to have her mom and dad, both brothers, and many nieces and nephews live within a three-mile radius of her home. She is counting down the years to becoming a grandma, because as Jamie describes, “Family is the biggest blessing there is.

Another of Jamie’s passions, which she shares with her husband, is travel. Motor homing about 10K miles a summer, they love the open road and adventure it brings! Whatever Jamie does she brings her signature pursuit of excellence, including in her career as a top real estate agent in her area, and as a Tori Belle Director of Influence (since April 2020). She explains that the key to her success is having a growth mindset. Jamie explains, “My mantra is, ‘What you focus on grows!

What fills up Jamie’s cup is dressing up, feeling pretty, the Tori Belle community, and the opportunity to coach, train, and mentor her Tori Belle team. Jamie explains that what keeps her motivation strong is the leadership at Tori Belle; “I love that we have a female CEO. Laura cares about each of us and looks out for our best interests. She never stops innovating and pivoting. I stand behind women like Laura who are great leaders!

Jamie knows the stronger her mindset the more of a positive impact she will make. Jamie encourages us all to remember, “If you aren’t growing, you’re dying. Grow baby, GROW!

Written by Cathie Allen, TB Director of Personal Development                                                                                                                                                                            

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