LashLiner Lash - Dallas

$10.00 $35.00
Cinnamon Ignite with wand

Our gorgeous Dallas lash as glamorous as the city that it's named after! 

Medium-high wispy volume, evening style lashes with a V-design that accentuates length and drama. Feathery ends create a soft but glamorous look. A beautiful addition to a smoky eye. Multiple lash lengths. Trimmable from both ends, 6 magnets, 6mm - 14mm lash length.

  • 1 pair of LashLiner Magnetic Lashes
  • 8 bonus Anchor Magnets

Our LashLiner luxurious lashes look and feel like full, beautiful, natural lashes. These synthetic lashes are easy to apply, glue free and comfortable! 

Equivalent to the Tori Belle Cocktail Magnetude® Magnetic Lash style

NEW!  We've added a super cool bonus feature, ANCHORS!!  Our mini anchor magnets are great for adding a bit more stability or hold. You can use the lashes with or without the anchors and you can even use the lashes with or without LashLiner Magnetic Eyeliner (although it's MUCH easier to put them on with it!) For quick extra hold on each end, use two, one each for the inner and the outer corners. Each set of lashes comes with 8 free bonus anchors.