25 Most Influential People in Seattle 2020

These innovators took bold actions and big risks during a trying year.

Meet Seattle's movers and shakers. From restauranteurs and tech pioneers to political leaders and educators, these 25 people have made waves throughout Seattle and Washington as a whole.

Laura Hunter

The founder of one of Washington state’s fastest-growing startups, photographer and makeup artist Laura Hunter is finding suc-cess despite challenges from the pandemic. In 2018, Hunter founded LashLiner LLC, producer of a magnetic eyeliner with microscopic magnetic particles that is applied the same as traditional liquid eyeliner. “Most women would love to wear false eyelashes but cannot because they are incredibly difficult to put on and can be uncomfortable.

The new magnetic sandwich-style lashes aren’t any better. LashLiner has solved these problems,” Hunter says. Hunter has since expanded company offerings to a wide range of cosmetic products. Clients are responding: The Everett-based company is projected to hit $50 million in revenue this year, more than three times what it was in 2019.


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