The Golden Guide to 24K Cosmetics!




Gold isn’t just for the holidays or at night. It’s a classic staple!

It’s always time to party! Are you going to a BBQ, night club, formal affair, brunch, or just a date night? Then gold is your go to. Gold is the most romantic and versatile of all of the metallics. Whether you wear a subtle gold or glam it up, gold is always in style.

We’ve got your perfect guide to wearing gold for every skin tone. First things first, when applying gold, always use a primer, or a foundation as primer, such as our Elements line, to create a smooth base for perfect application.

How to wear gold eyeshadow:

This might seem like the obvious place for your 24K cosmetics, but many people are hesitant to use gold on their eyes. Most golds flake and feel heavy and clunky so even makeup experts avoid a glittery eye. Never fear, we’ve found All that Glitters Gold by Tori Belle Cosmetics to give you the perfect gold eye glitter without flaking, clumping, or fallout! Best of all, it’s also a great lip and body sparkle!

Maybe you’re more of a gold minimalist, Tori Belle’s 24K Palette (with actual 24k gold in it!) can be brushed on lids, brow bones, under eyes and in the corners for a perfect, shimmering, real gold sparkle.

Gold Eyeliner got you down? Not to worry, the small dough foot in the All That Glitters gold makes liner easy and you can switch to an angle brush for those fine lines.

Are you ready to party? Try pairing your gold makeup look with Tori Belle Magnetude Magnetic Lashes with a gold Lash Stacker or Magnetic Lash Bling for that next level night out look.

Gold highlighter for a perfect shimmer:

We already talked about 24K Gold Eyeshadow for the eyes, but this luxurious real gold powder can be used as a pressed pigment for a gorgeous warm cheek highlight. Just brush lightly on top of the cheek bone to catch the light and draw attention to your beautiful eyes. This triple duty powder can also be used to add sparkle to anywhere on the body. Just switch brushes for a completely different look.

On to the lips:

To top it all off try 24K Ignite plumping lip gloss. You won’t only look great, but Your lips will thank you for the moisturizing and plumping all night long.

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