TB's Got Talent 2022 - Press Release


Tori Belle Cosmetics, Customers and Affiliates Give Over $10K in Cash Grants to Those in Need!

When Laura Hunter invented Magnetic Eyeliner and started Tori Belle Cosmetics, she knew she had a winning product. What she didn’t know was how many lives would be positively impacted when she opened the company up to independent sales Affiliates. With over a million happy customers and thousands of affiliates across the globe, the foundation of Tori Belle Cosmetics culture is giving back.

Tori Belle recently held its fourth benefit for National Organization for Women’s Safety Awareness, NOWSA. The charity event included the TB’s Got Talent Competition. Tori Belle affiliates and customers submitted variety, dance, and vocal audition tapes. Three winners, Stacey Edwards, Josh Holland and Darlene Tyler, were chosen by those who voted. All funds from the voting and donations went directly to funding NOWSA grants for families in need. In addition to the funds raised by the participants, Tori Belle Cosmetics donated a portion of proceeds and a lump sum to the total donation.

The goal of this event was to raise enough to give a grant to every person who was nominated and eligible, and to exceed $100K in total grants given through NOWSA. Both goals were met!

“It amazes me time and time again how our Tori Belle community steps up to help others in need. I couldn’t be more proud or more committed to growing our charitable programs!” -Laura Hunter

Miss the show? Click below to watch the full TB's Got Talent Finale!                                                    



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