Pretty In Pink - Playbill 4.9.2022


Julye Brundage                                                                                                                                                                                 

Julye Brundage, from Atlanta, Georgia, wears many hats as a Senior Influencer, wife, mother of two girls (aged 11 and 21), healthcare worker, and lover of all things pink!


Julye joined Tori Belle at the beginning of the pandemic and she knew it was more important than ever to create an uplifting platform of joy. Lashes, laughter, and love is precisely what you get when you visit Julye’s facebook page. 


What keeps Julye motivated is her lash family and the Tori Belle culture of support and growth, where she feels heard at all levels of leadership, including Corporate. She thrives in an environment open to new possibilities, introducing new products, and bringing innovations to the make-up and now wellness industry. Julye shares her gratitude by saying, “I absolutely love and appreciate the openness of our CEO, Laura Hunter".  


The 2021 Florida Conference was the highlight of her TB experience. Julye was filled with so much emotion during Laura and Bob’s surprise wedding ceremony.  She is more than ready to fill her emotional tanks again at the upcoming Time to Shine! Convention because as she explains, “No matter people’s age or rank, you can always learn something from them!


The message she would tell her past self when she first began her Tori Belle business would be to keep being yourself.  Don’t change who you are for anyone!  And the message she would tell her future self would be to stay consistent and motivated and keep pushing, because this is just the beginning!



Written by Cathie Allen, TB Director of Personal Development                                                                                                    

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