Dreams Become Reality - Playbill 8.13.22

                                  Playbill 8.13.22

                                                                                                    Chrissy Lenehan                                                                                 

Chrissy Lenehan lives in Palm Coast, Florida and is a mom to two daughters and wife to husband, Kevin, who is a retired Wounded Warrior Marine. Before Tori Belle her dream was to exit her corporate sales job so she could focus on her family.

About six months ago her dream became a reality as she is now working her Tori Belle business full time!

Tori Belle is Chrissy’s first direct sales experience yet after having lash extensions for four years she loved the magnetic lashes and quickly gained a community of women that loved them too!

What sustains Chrissy in her business is growing every day and working with people from all over. What most surprised Chrissy about this business is how many wonderful (once) strangers she quickly grew to love.

Her main customers and teammates are people she has come to know through the art of social media and the science of networking. She learned this skill thanks to all the training available through Tori Belle and her Tori Belle mentors.

Chrissy explains, “There will never be a time where I’m not learning something. What I’ve found is that if there is an area you are struggling in there will always be people open to sharing the tricks of the trade with you. This is such a priceless and unique part of our Tori Belle culture.

Recently the B.R.A.V.E. line of health supplements lit a fire for Chrissy personally. As an avid runner Chrissy has struggled with keeping her energy up during her workouts and is excited that, “B.R.A.V.E. has given me the energy I needed to become the strongest I have felt in my entire life!

The advice Chrissy would give to herself at the beginning of her Tori Belle adventure would be to take the leap and go for it!
Written by Cathie Allen, TB Director of Personal Development                                                                                                                                                                            

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