Sisterhood - Playbill 10.15.22

                                  Playbill 10.15.22

                                                                                                    Shannon Dahr                                                                                

Shannon Dahr lives in Northern Edmonton, Alberta with her husband, Ted. They share the love of their kitties, the outdoors and their blended family of eight children, ages 24 to 42.

Shannon primarily worked in the oil industry until she became interested in health and wellness.

She earned a Women’s Health and Nutrition Certification three years ago. Shannon started her Tori Belle business in Nov. 2021 having just been laid off from her oil industry job. Money was tight and her plans to travel with her family for Christmas looked doomed. She was thrilled when her very first TB bonus check paid for her family’s trip, and Christmas was saved!

Her husband was supportive, telling her, “Go, girl, Go!” Shannon says, “This business way surpasses the money because of the amazing friends I’ve made with women I’ve never met in person but instantly connected with because of our similar stories and life challenges.”

The top three things that keep Shannon motivated to meet her goal of nano-influencer by the end of 2022 and Director of Influence by the end of 2023 are the sisterhood at Tori Belle, the hands-on support she receives every single day from her mentors, and our core value of giving back.

As a cancer survivor, the Party in Pink fundraiser benefitting the National Breast Cancer Foundation is also close to her heart. She says, "Our community that cares. That is worth all the marbles!”


Written by Cathie Allen, TB Director of Personal Development                                                                                                                                                                            

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