Mother, Nurse, Director - Playbill 3.12.2022

                                            Playbill 3.12.2022

Tori Belle Director, Brooke Farnsworth is living her best life.  After 12 years as a Registered Nurse she promoted to the job of her dreams, raising her family.  She describes herself as a crazy busy mom of three kids (4, 8, 9), logging tons of miles with all three kids in sports! Although she loved her mom job, she also felt something was missing.


On September 25th, 2019 she discovered Tori Belle and knew she had found it. She got her first pair of lashes in the mail, fell in love with them, and was so excited to become an Affiliate she couldn’t sleep! She messaged Julie Kelly at 5 am and was signed up by 7 am!


Brooke’s Tori Belle business is something she does for herself. She enjoys the feeling of accomplishment, ability to contribute financially to her family while supporting others to do the same.  Brooke’s hopes for her business are to help as many people as possible find this type of meaningful opportunity and community that allows for an ideal work-life balance. Through all the ups and downs in her business, she’s stayed strong with a solid faith in Tori Belle's leadership and our collective ability to get through any storm and be stronger together on the other side.    


Brooke’s biggest lesson to share is to never give up on yourself. 


“You will have a learning curve, steeper at times than others, there will be struggles along the way, and yet through it all, just keep going!”

-Brooke Farnsworth


Written by Cathie Allen, TB Director of Personal Development    


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