Fab Brows, Everytime!

Let’s be real; You can go a long way with just a good brow and lash. A bad brow will break any look.

Fab Brows

There are eyebrow faux pas’ that you can easily avoid using The Works Brow Gel:

  1. You won’t color outside of the lines.

    Try going a little outside of your natural brow shape. You might be doing this already if your eyebrows didn’t survive the 90s. However, no matter how much hair is there, you can change the shape of your brows to suit your face best, which may mean drawing outside of the lines!

  2. Solid shade brows.

    A one shade eyebrow can quickly take a bold brow to “brave”. The ends of your eyebrows closest to your nose should be less defined and lighter than the points of your brows. This is how eyebrows naturally grow and can be imitated easily with a little blending.

    The Works has a lot of payoff and is very buildable. With that perfectly angled brow brush and being light of hand, you can start with light strokes that mimic the direction of the hairs. Bring your strokes closer together as you move towards the arch and point of your brow. On the other end of the angled brush is a brow brush. Use this to brush, blend, and soften your inner brow.

  3. Choosing the wrong color

    As a blonde, you will want to use a taupe that is 1-2 shades darker than your hair color. If you have brown or dark brown hair, you will want to go for a brown that is 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color. Use black only if you have naturally black or very dark hair. If you have red hair, you can be anywhere from taupe to brown.

    To make The Works your perfect shade, you can build the color and it's opacity. Or you can mix the colors. You will want to do this before application and the cap of The Works is a perfect surface to mix on.

The Works kit makes it easy to have the perfect brows. From the angle brush and brow brush, to the stencils, to the product itself, The Works is beautiful and easy to build and blend. Plus, it won’t budge until you wash it off.

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