Always Learning - Playbill 5.7.22

                                  Always Learning          

Stephanie Pipke-Painchaud                                                                                                                                                                              

Determined to make the trip from Saskatchewan, Canada to the Tori Belle Conference, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Director of Influence Stephanie Pipke-Painchaud found herself having to change flights and plans, but she saw her travel challenges as an opportunity.

She decided that someone she met on her many flights would make a hugely positive impact on her business… only to board her first flight and find that she had the whole row all to herself. And then again, on the next flight, all to herself. And then AGAIN! She realized this was a sign. SHE was the person she was waiting for! Like always, Stephanie took a challenge and turned it into a lesson.


Whether she is listening to a new audible book, as the Coordinator of Learning in her school division, researching the newest livestream app, being an amazing role model to her daughter, Sadie, keeping her marriage to high school sweetheart David strong, or flying to convention, Stephanie is always learning.  


When she saw the spark of magic in each lash she knew she had to share it, to give others this chance to spread joy. Since Canada’s pre-launch in 2020 Stephanie’s Team, Lash Life, which spans from Canada’s coast to coast, has been going strong! Her leaders are some of her best friends and as a self-professed introvert Direct Sales has helped her stretch out of her comfort zone into the world of social media, marketing, and entrepreneurship.


Her personal challenge of 2021 was to go live every day of the year. 453 lives later she not only met but exceeded her goal! This experience fostered a love of hosting lives. You may even recognize her from recent Behind-the-Scenes videos she’s done for Tori Belle.


Inspired by other affiliates, as she begins her B.R.A.V.E. health journey, her goal is to workout 10 minutes every day in May and share her experience on social media. We know she’ll succeed! The future is clearly bright for Team Lash Life and Stephanie Pipke-Painchaud!



 Written by Cathie Allen, TB Director of Personal Development                                                                                                                                                                            

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