Clutch Accessory Bundle (New!)

$10.00 $35.00
Clutch Accessory Bundle

Complete your Magnetude Magnetic Clutch travel system with our convenient clutch accessories.  

Included in this bundle:  

Magnetude Lash Discs (set of 4) 

These lash discs are specifically designed to store Magnetude Magnetic Eyelashes and other Magnetude lash accessories. Use the outer ring of the pan to safely store lashes and the inside of the disc to store anchors or bling.   

Magnetude Magnetic Sleeve 

Conveniently store your magnetic eyeliner in our Magnetude magnetic sleeve.  

Brushy Cleany Thingy for your clutch (set of 2) 

Our multi use Brushy Cleany Thingy for your clutch is the tool you didn't know you needed. It not only cleans your brushes in between use but also protects your powders from breakage. Cut the insert down to any size you need to customize your clutch.  

Magnetude Lash Applicator 

Specifically designed to make applying magnetic lashes quick and easy. Utilizing an innovative shape, these professional eyelash tweezers safely apply lashes in seconds with extreme precision.