Ascend Acne Kit

$74.00 $157.00
Ascend Complete Skincare Kit

Say goodbye to acne-prone skin! Feel confident and look radiant when you add our acne care subscription to your routine. Our formulations feature scientifically proven ingredients that will work to clear and protect skin while visibly smoothing and brightening your overall complexion.  


By subscribing, you will receive 1 Ascend Cleansing Gel, 1 Day Eraser, and 1 Ascend Daily Moisturizer every month at a discounted rate. 


Ascend Cleansing Gel: 

Contains detoxifying prickly pear stem water that assists in drawing out dirt and oil while replenishing moisture and Allantoin which exfoliates and reinforces your skin’s natural protective barrier for a smoother appearance.  


Day Eraser:  

Scrub away the day with this silicone facial scrubber. In combination with the Ascend Cleansing Gel, this scrubber helps to pull out dirt and impurities from your pores revealing a clearer, more even complexion.  


Ascend Daily Moisturizer:  

Contains mulberry green tea peptide complex that brightens the skin by decreasing melanin synthesis to produce skin that is clear and even.