New Cosmetic Invention is Turning Heads - Customizable Lash Bling

WOODINVILLE, WA, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2020 / -- Tori Belle Cosmetics (, launched June 11, 2020, World Beauty Day, a subsidiary of LashLiner, LLC (, the company that created The LashLiner System, a patent-pending magnetic eyeliner and false eyelash system developed and designed by makeup artist and photographer, Laura Hunter.

Leveraging the popularity and success of The LashLiner System, Tori Belle was founded with the goal of providing a platform that offers an opportunity for hope, independence, and prosperity to its Affiliates. Tori Belle has over 28,000 Affiliates nation-wide and is expanding internationally starting with Canada in July 2020.

Tori Belle Cosmetics is back with yet another new to the world invention! Tori Belle knows that glam is back in a big way, and they are helping makeup enthusiasts unleash their inner artists with their latest innovative product release- Lash Bling. Lash Bling features twenty crystals perfect for pairing with any complexion or makeup style.

“Lash Bling combines the innovation of the Tori Belle’s magnetic eyeliner and lash strips with the sparkle of customizable bling,” said Tori Belle Cosmetics CEO and founder, Laura Hunter. “I love a little extra sparkle and thought it would be amazing for all women to be able to add some to every pair of lashes, so I invented the Lash Bling Magnetic Lash Accessories to so we always have the option to be a little “Extra,” Hunter adds. The range of glam is immense with individuals and strips of crystals. Wearers can have a small sparkle on their eye or all of the extra bling their lashes can handle!

Crystal Lash Bling is the first of many Lash Bling styles that are being added to Tori Belle's full magnetic collection.

The full Lash Bling set comes with two magnetic beautiful bling strips and twenty individual and shimmering stones. Additionally, every Lash Bling set is reusable. All you need to do is clean your bling properly, so you can wear them over and over. To use Lash Bling, start by applying your Tori Belle lashes. The magnetic eyeliner and magnetic strip lashes will hold together. Once your lashes are applied, choose your bling and apply them to the band of your lashes. Whether you want a couple of stones per eye or a full strip, Lash Bling has options ranging from a bit of glitter to full bling according to what suits your occasion and preferences.

All Lash Bling products are magnetic on the backside of each crystal, and they attach directly to any set of magnetic lashes you have. To apply the crystals, hold each gem or your strip of gems with the magnet facing towards your lashes. The stones jump right into place as they are designed to be attracted to the magnets of your lashes. Add as many or as few as you like to complete your full diva glam look.

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