Tragic Contour? Here’s 5 Reasons Why!

For years, stars like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have popularized the highlighted and contoured makeup look, but without access to a professional makeup artist, getting Kardashian perfect contour was nearly impossible. For most, the result was streaks of brown or white that just won’t blend in.

Until now. Here, how to avoid a tragic contour, and how to get it just right with a game changing new invention from Tori Belle Cosmetics!

  1. Who are you?

Contouring is not a one size fits all solution. The real goal is symmetry and balance. Every shape of face has a different pattern of contour and highlight needed to achieve perfect symmetry. Make sure you understand your face shape and what you’re trying to accomplish before adding contour and highlight.

  1. Wrong Color!

First, bronzer is not contour. The look is Kardashian, not an Oompa Loompa or Snookie circa 1995. Make sure that you color match your foundation to your skin tone then use a matching color two to three shades darker as your contour color. Always avoid orange tones.

  1. Way too Much!

The goal is to add highlight and contour, not to draw war paint on your face. Think subtle and well blended, not deep and dramatic when you highlight and contour. Blending is always a kep part of contour and highlight. When in doubt, blend more!

  1. You’re off to See the Wizard!

A little shimmer highlight can make you look more youthful and fresh, and really make your contour pop, but too much and you’ll have a metallic surface worthy of The Tin Man. Always be conservative with shimmer and never use a shimmer for contour. Remember, whatever is brightest is most noticeable so only use shimmer on areas you want to be seen and avoid those you don’t, like anywhere you have wrinkles or breakouts.

  1. Is that a rash?

Beware of moisturizers under your makeup. Moist or oily areas under your foundation or powder can cause it to clump and look patchy. Blush tends to be particularly susceptible to this and can leave you looking like you have hives on your cheeks. Make sure your moisturizer has absorbed before putting on your make-up and always blend well.

So, what is the secret to contouring perfection? It's all in the application! Tori Belle Cosmetics has developed an easy tool to get the perfect contour look every time. Just STAMP, BLEND, and it’s PERFECT!

The patent-pending Perfect Contour Beauty Sponge is expertly designed to help you contour confidently. Sculpt and add dimension in all the right places to highlight your gorgeous features. Simply position the sponge, stamp the pigment on, and blend to perfect your look.

The Perfect Contour Beauty Sponge pairs perfectly with their best-selling Element Powder Foundation or Element Liquid Foundation and Concealer for a fool proof look.



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