The Perfect Wing

Wings! We’re talking sharp, fierce, and with a point that could cut. Everyone can rock a wing, but there are different techniques for every eye shape. Here are tips for your eye shape to help you create the perfect winged liner look: 


Round eyes: Laura has this shape and has mentioned on several occasions how she likes to add the illusion of extra width by adding an almost horizontal flick from the corner of the eye. 

Almond-shaped eyes: Flexibility is in your favor! Most styles work for you, especially a cat eye! You will want to accentuate the natural uplift of your eyes. Don't be afraid to add width and drama to those pretty peepers of yours!

Hooded eyes: You will want to add a width that is relatively horizontal to the corner of your eye to make your eyes look open. Focus on that beautiful outer corner, but you will also want to apply liner to your lower lash line, concentrating on the outer edge. 

Monolids: Bring on the drama! You can add a beautiful upward angle — and the thicker the line, the better. You lucky ducks!

Wings 2

Any eye shape: For a more defined wing, add a touch of highlighter under the point for some fabulous contrast!

BONUS TIP: A cotton swab dipped in some “Shake It Off” Makeup Remover helps to eliminate any small mistakes. 

As with all things makeup, don't feel afraid to experiment! There are so many makeup elements to create your unique look.

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