Lash Boss 101 - Playbill 3.5.2022

                                            Playbill 3.5.2022

Phenomenal TB Director, Kristin Gillespie, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, gives with her whole heart.  During her seven-plus-year career as a 10th grade English teacher, she received the Teacher of the Year Award!  Her focus then began pouring into her 20 yearlong marriage and five children ranging from 16 to five years old. 


Yet, she always kept her eye open for just the right opportunity to become an entrepreneur! 


When she heard about magnetic eyeliner and lashes she knew it was her big chance! As a founding affiliate, she signed up on her birthday and considers it the best gift she could have given herself. Kristin hit Director of Influence in ten and a half weeks with her small but mighty team!  


She credits her ability to stay positive, despite all the ups and downs of entrepreneur and married life, to her decision to keep things fun. A sure-fire way forward is to clear the air with some laughter and surround herself with positive people. 


During a financial crisis her family endured in 2021, her Tori Belle business ensured she did not have to return to working outside the home and provided a priceless community of support.


Kristin’s hopes for the future are to continue supporting others growth and reach the leadership level of Senior Executive Director of Influence. Her goal is to be an example to her children and community that by not giving up, enjoying the process, and believing “I am enough” dreams do come true!


Written by Cathie Allen, TB Director of Personal Development    


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