Sky's the Limit- Playbill 2.4.22

                                  Shelley Baker

                                                                                                    Sky's The Limit - Shelley Baker                                                               

Shelley Baker (Grand Junction, Colorado) was raised by her mom in a small economically depressed town in Oklahoma.

She explains, “I take after my mama who taught us kids about hard work and paving your own way as an entrepreneur.” Shelley remembers her mom’s wisdom:
“It’s like going to church…remember why you are there. The same holds true in business; show up because of your belief in the products, company mission, vision, and values.”

Shelley met and married her husband, Skeeter, 23 years ago; became a stepmom to two young boys and then they adopted two girls from Russia. Needing time flexibility for her growing family, Shelley began her career in direct sales.

Over two decades later, she has discovered the secret sauce for direct sales success and is ready to dish it up! Shelley’s three-year Lashiversary was January 21st and she believes a top ingredient to her consistent success is being a product of the product.

She explains, “I am a walking Tori Belle billboard!” Although during social distancing Shelley shifted more to online sales, she is now full steam ahead hosting lash parties and working events.

In fact, when Affiliates have successful sales parties and events, it is said that they pulled a Shelly Baker! Customer trust is huge and when Shelley says a product is good, her customers know it is; as is Skeeter's support.

Finally, she stirs her success daily by staying connected to the TB community and she can’t wait for the May 2023 Tori Belle convention ahead!


Written by Cathie Allen, TB Director of Personal Development                                                                                                                                                                            

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