Long, Strong and Healthy Lashes

Magnetude Magnetic Mascara uses your natural lash to create a full lashed look without having a dark line of liner. The mascara uses the structure of your lashes as the base, so it’s beneficial to keep them strong and healthy. This week's pro tips surround maximizing your lash health — DIY style!

Long and Strong

> Thoroughly remove your mascara at night
You want that cilia (the fancy word for “eyelash”) to be able to breathe! Oil-based removers, like our “Shake it Off,” can help nourish and cleanse your lovely lashes.

> Brush your lashes
Stimulation of your lashes will distribute natural oils and help trigger them to grow strong! Use a lash comb and brush your clean lashes twice a day.

> You are what you eat
What you munch or snack on affects the quality of your skin and hair — including your lashes! Eating a balanced diet high in proteins, fats, and vitamins will only help your lashes.

BONUS TIP: Want to give your lashes their own mini “spa treatment”? Create your own DIY lash serum without breaking the bank.

Soak lemon peels in extra virgin olive oil for at least 48 hours. Remove the lemon peels and discard. Use the oil to lightly coat your lashes at bed time, and remove it in the morning.

Store in a tightly closed container for up to 2 weeks at room temperature (no need to refrigerate)

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