How to clean magnetic lashes: Love your lashes longer!

Using Magnetude Magnetic Mascara or Eyeliner makes adding lashes one-step above your everyday beauty routine. The good news is that cleaning these magnetic lashes is even easier. 

After application, your magnetic lashes connect to your magnetic eyeliner. By the end of the day or night, when you go to remove your eyelashes, the magnets will likely remove a bit of the eyeliner. That layer of liner will decrease the magnetism between the magnet and your next layer of freshly dried liner. Subsequently, every time another layer is added to the buildup, it inhibits the sticking power of the lashes. For your magnetic lash set to reach maximum results, you must clean the lashes after each use.

Cleaning your lashes is simple, but caution should always be taken when handling your lashes. By nature, they are not meant for abuse. The glue that holds the lashes themselves together is sturdy enough to hold up against everyday wear and tear and initial removal. However, that adhesive will break down when exposed to makeup remover or any alcohol-based products. Soaking them in cleaning solutions will cause the glue to dissolve and cause damage to the lashes. We do not recommend applying any makeup, including mascara, directly to your lashes, this way, they can go the full 20 wears without requiring intense cleaning. 

Cleaning Magnetic Lashes

How do you clean your magnetic lashes? The key is precision. The only part of the lashes that need to be cleaned regularly is the tiny magnets attached to the eyeliner. Do not use any makeup remover or cleansing solution on this part of the lash. 

To clean the magnets, use a pair of tweezers and squeeze the ends together. The flat edge that is created when you do this is what you want to use to clean the magnets. With the flat edge of the tweezers, gently scrape the eyeliner from the magnets. Because it is dry, the eyeliner should pull off without any trouble. 

Cleaning your lashes should not be a big deal, but it should be done regularly for the safety of your eyes and the lashes themselves! Not only will regular cleaning help lash stick better, but they will also look and feel better. Good luck as you continue to rock your lashes, take good care of them along the way.

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