Brows that Wow!

"The Works” Brow and Liner Kit is a fabulous product that will take any brow to wow! Eyebrows can make you look put-together with minimal effort, but achieving the perfect brow can be a struggle! 

Brows that Wow

Finding the perfect brow shape is crucial — Start by matching your brow to your face shape!

If your face is long and oval, a straight eyebrow will suit you best. 

If you are rocking a round face, add a sharp arch to bring more angles to your face.

If you have a Heart-shaped face, you will do well with a curved brow shape.

BONUS TIP: Your brows should look like “sisters,” not identical twins. Faces are not mirror opposites of each side — there’s no need to stress if they are not exactly identical.

Remember, “The Works” Brow and Liner Kit has three great templates (shown above) to help you trace the perfect shape for your brows.

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