Blooming in the Desert - Playbill 5.14.22

                                  Blooming in the Desert          

Angela Nicole                                                                                                                                                                              

Angela began her Tori Belle journey in November 2020. She was 50 years old, confused professionally, having been fired three times, just moved from Washington DC to Las Vegas, was navigating the pandemic, and nursing a broken heart. In a personal and professional crisis, Tori Belle was the vehicle she used to rediscover herself.

Angela originally got in the business for financial reasons. Going from a six-figure salary to unemployment and living in a friend’s basement…she was embarrassed. She wanted to make her parents and son proud.

With many years as an elementary school teacher, principle, and teacher-of-teachers, she was used to being the expert and made up her mind to become a makeup expert. Each morning she pushed past her imposter syndrome and did a live. The lives motivated her to get out of bed at a normal time, connect through social media and prove to herself she could do hard things. As she built her following, her confidence grew, and she realized her calling to shine from the inside out.

And now, fully employed and business going strong, for the first time she sees the positive herself that friends and family have always seen in her. Her motivation to continue showing up for her business is now her own happiness and pride.

Angela explains her determination to be great in each new day she is given. Through tears of gratitude she shares, “My tears are because I am no longer wasting my precious life not loving myself. This business and culture of self-development have given me the tools to be a good human and woman. To grow out of my comfort zone and identify my strengths, and the products are such icing on the cake.”

Angela wants more than anything to help other women feel pretty from the inside out so they too can bloom in any environment as she has at Tori Belle!



 Written by Cathie Allen, TB Director of Personal Development                                                                                                                                                                            

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