Laura's Live Notes - 6.30.22

Laura’s Live Notes - June 30, 2022


Celebrate Pride All Year
Products usedSpy Lash​, Classic Black Liner​, Ultra Wing Eyeliner​, Elements Foundation & Blush​, Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette​, City Lights Eyeshadow PaletteAll That Glitters Gold,​ TB Red Velvet Kisses

Product Launches

Spy Lash - $35 USD / $45 CAD / $53 AUS / $57 NZD​
Incognito Pressed Pigments - $30 USD / $39 CAD / $45 AUS / $49 NZD​

$55 USD / $71 CAD - Not yet available in bundles​

RED – WHITE…and BLUE SALE – Ends July 7th
TB Red Velvet Kisses - $24 USD / $31 CAD / £21 GBP / $36 AUS / $39 NZD​
TB Red Ignite - $25 USD / $31 CAD / £22 GBP / $37 AUS / $40 NZD​
Watermelon 24K Lip Gloss - $32 USD / $41 CAD / £29 GBP / $48 AUS / $52 NZD​
Spirit Stackers - Red, Silver, Blue - $20 USD / $25 CAD / £18 GBP / $30 AUS / $32 NZD​
Spirit Bling - Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Silver, Crystal AB - $25 USD / $32 CAD / $37 AUS / $40 NZD​
Midnight Lash - $20 USD / $26 CAD / $30 AUS / $33 NZD​

UK will only have TB Red VK, TB Red Ignite, 24K Watermelon and Silver Spirit Stackers available.​

​JUNE MAKEUP FIX ITEMS (Not available in UK)​
Alexandrite Lash​ - $35 USD / $45 CAD / $53 AUS / $57 NZD​
All That Glitters – Silver, Bronze or Rose Gold​ - $20 USD / $26 CAD / $30 AUS / $33 NZD​
All That Glitters – Get all 4 and save 10% – Gold, Silver, Bronze and Rose Gold - $72 USD / $93 CAD / $109 AUS / $118 NZD​
Lash of the Month – Classic 9-5 (6-magnet) with choice of liner or mascara​ - $45 USD / $58 CAD / £42 GBP / $68 AUS / $73 NZD​

BIRTHDAY LASH SALE (ENDS TONIGHT) - all lashes and lash bundles are on sale ($10 off)​
Individual lashes - $25 USD / $32 CAD / £22 GBP / $37 AUS / $40 NZD​
Lash Bundles - $45 USD / $58 CAD / £42 GBP / $68 AUS / $73 NZD​
Plus Buy 4 – get one free!​

2023 Conference Ticket Payment Plans are Live
The ticket types that will be available for payment plans are:
● VIP = $999
● In-Person General Admission = $299
● Virtual General Admission = $249
Ticket payments start with a 6-month option in June and will scale each month:
● June = 6 monthly payments (Only one week left)
● July = 5 monthly payments
● August = 4 monthly payments
● September = 3 monthly payments
● October = 2 monthly payments

We added a 10% off code for new customers! It's live in the USA and working on the others. It requires the phone number of the customer. The code is a one time use per phone number and lasts for 30 days! This 10% off is good for the entire cart, regardless of other sale or bundle pricing and works got all products. It does not work with other codes. Only one code can be used per order.​

Please Note: The customer must agree to the terms of the sign-up form when they enter their phone number. They agree to receive communication and marketing/offer messages via text message. The coupon code is text to them so if they don’t agree, they won’t receive the code.

Weekly Live Winners for June 2nd Live:
Comment Winner: Tawna Wilson
Share Winner: Lynn Conley
Call to Action Winner (Post Magnetics Application Video): Sarah Kirk
Affiliate Winner: Kerry Dixon (EMEA)
Prize: 24KWatermelon Lip Gloss

LAURA’S TOP RECOGNITION: It’s time again to recognizing our top performers and promotions for the month of May. We missed this last week and wanted to be sure to recognize the following people for their outstanding achievements for the month. Be sure to look Backstage to see the complete list of all affiliate promotions and top performers.​

*North America Top Performers ​
Top Recruiter: Kelly Diamond​
Top Qualifying Volume: Jolene Work​

*International Top Performers: ​
Top Recruiter: Paula Santos​
Top Qualifying Volume: Teela Cumberworth

*Top Teen Performers ​
Top Qualifying Volume: Cade Collison​


It’s almost time to Stomp the Zero again! You can win a fabulous and fierce customized Tori Belle tote bag with your name on it and surprise gifts valued at a minimum of $100 USD. All you need to do to qualify is have at least 55 points of Qualifying Volume in personal sales from July 1st through 9:00pm PT on July 2nd.



Mentoring Madness Hit & Win: ​
For every New Level 1 Sr Affiliate, Mentor will earn $200 + 5,000 Travel Points ​

Personal Sales Hit & Win: ​
For your first 1,000 in Personal Qualifying Volume in May you will earn a 3-Tiered Tori Belle Acrylic Lash Display Case and 5,000 Travel Points! ​

Extra Bonus:​
For every additional 1,000 in Qualifying Volume, you will earn an additional 5,000 travel points! ​

NOTE: Acrylic Lash Display Case prizes will be sent out in mid-July. If you qualified in May and June, you will not get 2 cases; 1 case per person.​


Purchasing & Registration Deadlines​:
Monday, July 11th, travel points will be updated with final numbers for you to view in your backstage travel point tracker. ​

Purchasing the trip: Tuesday July 12th–Thursday July 14th​
You may purchase the remainder of your trip and/or your plus one’s beginning on Tuesday July 12th 9am PST. The deadline to purchase the remaining travel points is Thursday, July 14th 9pm PST.​

Registering for the trip: Deadline of Saturday July 16th ​
Once you have purchased the trip for yourself and/or your plus one, you will receive an e-mail with a registration link from Destinations approximately 24-hours later. Registrations must be complete by Saturday, July 16th at 9pm PST. If you do not receive an e-mail, please contact us at​

No exceptions can be made to these dates.​

To be eligible to go on the trip or transfer your trip to someone else, you must be an active affiliate in good standing!​


Comment and share for a chance to win!
An additional way to win is to complete this week’s call to action which is:
Recreate this glitter & rainbow look and tag us on social media #TBlivelooks​



Just a reminder that are offices are closed on Monday.​ Have a fabulous and safe 4th of July.

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